#SimCity: Sunset Crossing #ScreenshotSaturday 

The start of a new city in the Sunset region begins with a town named Sunset Crossing. As residents move in, approval for town hall was issued and a visit from Sunset Island’s mayor was in order to discuss plans for the new region!
Sunset island has been up and running successfully for a few months now, so the mayor agreed to assist with services as such as Fire..and garbage disposal.However, with any new city come the prospects of crime and other issues. With upcoming projects such as education and tourism, vandals of any kind would not be tolerated and strict policies would be put into play immediately.The city flourished with gorgeous additions such as a modern church and temple for places of worship as well as a city hall right across the water. Before services were held to celebrate the addition of a department of education, a tornado warning was issued for the area! Thankfully, the vast winds were contained on the river front and no damage was reported.After the storm, the city remained happy and ready to celebrate the success of their city via fireworks display courtesy of the Sunset Crossing fire department.The residents definitely knew how to have a good time and despite a few flare ups, remained content.The night ended with the surprise approval of a mayor’s house. With humble gratitude, she bowed out after one last display of color and rested in her quarters for another busy day ahead.


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