Season 1 #S4MW: National Dress + Elimination #FlashbackFriday

As Challenge 2 came to a close, a prompt for a final challenge arrived before the first elimination is issued. It was time for the misses to glam it up in a national costume inspired photoshoot as a last attempt to step their game up and shine before the judges.Kenya has always been a confident and competitive spirit, but she was a bit worried for what might be her last chance to get ahead in the competition for Miss Sim World Season 1. She contemplated the wonderful entries submitted by many of her fellow competitors and how judges are deliberating who they want to see advance.  That night, Kenya ate light, soaked in a bubble bath and headed off to bed to get some much needed beauty rest. A comedy club venue owned by Kenya’s manager @J2JPlays was chosen for her photoshoot that morning and she felt ready to slay. She was ready to strut her stuff in a Spanish inspired dress by @JomSims and focused on delivering a star performance.The stage was a place of comfort for the outgoing bodybuilder. The low ceiling lights and grandness of her environment gave a sense of dramatic beauty as she began to pose for the camera.In the middle of her shoot, Kenya suddenly had a wave of fear wash over her. Panic set in as all the lights felt on her as if they were closing in and she had to call for a break. It was at this moment that a secret caller came to her aid via telephone. Her anxiety was washed away as the encouraging words at the other end of the line eased her worries. She could feel the rush of her aim to win returning, finished her conversation and wrapped up her photoshoot on a great note. Once her photoreel was received at her management agency, they quickly began to work and produced an amazing edit for Miss Dominican Republic’s submission for  Challenge 3 @Sims4missworld.In the end, Kenya was only a few points shy of the cut off mark in scoring by the judges to advance and was eliminated from competition.Being a team player meant knowing how to take a loss with grace and she humbly bowed out of the Miss Sim World Season 1 scene. She was grateful for the opportunity to represent her country and vowed this would not be the last time she is seen. She went on to complete her bodybuilder aspiration, spend more time in her kitchen learning new recipes and is now searching for her soulmate to have the family she always wanted.

Be sure to follow my twitter @J2Jplays and search #Simscene for accompanying clips to these #SimShorts❣ Happy simming 🤗 


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