#TransformationTuesday Townie: Cassandra Goth

If you are a lover of the sims, there wouldn’t be a more appropriate townie to begin this Let’s Play Makeover Series than Cassandra Goth. She was introduced to The Sims 1 in her child stage along with her parents, Mortimer and Bella Goth. Being a shy and gloomy child with a creative soul, she has grown into old money and plans to carry her family name honorably in the next upcoming #Simshort, or does she?Cassandra will now soon start her life as a teen in the town of Newcrest as it undergoes construction. She has been excited to start her new job at the local museum, managed by none other than former Miss Sim World contestant, Anya Singh. She hopes to attain an internship and travel abroad learning the ways of entrepreneurship and the import/transport of fine art.Ball gowns are no stranger to Cassandra as she has attended many formal occasions with her family in the past as a child. She remains keen on keeping up appearances and up to speed on royal family trends. When she can, exercise keeps her body toned but her body type was always thin and scrawny.  Cassandra loves to sleep in! Her most creative ideas come from a good nights rest.  So, she keeps a diary by her bed and dedicates at least one hour beforehand to reminisce about her life. She also doodles and is so scatterbrain at times, that she needs to jot things down when possible.When she is not busy being an adult in her early years, she loves to sneak away to any teen hangout to follow the gossip amongst the young heirs in other royal families. She can keep up with conversation, quietly survey her audience and radiate beauty in any social scene as the stories and drama that have been around all her life, unfold before her eyes.Cassandra is not the biggest fan of swimming, but she loves to catch a tan on the sandy shores when she is off on family vacations. She can be found at the water’s edge, lounging under her umbrella with a good book and the diary she leaves nowhere without.The Goths managed to acquire another property in Newcrest where they will be living now. With plans to become a best selling author, Cassandra seeks to find adventure and slowly come out of her shell into the successful young adult she aspires to be!Read more about Cassandra Goth and her humble beginnings at


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