#TransformationTuesday Townie: Malcolm Landgrabb

I was introduced to Malcolm Landgrabb in my first play of The Sims for PlayStation 2. He was always the guy you needed to win over in order to advance to the top and at the end of the game, move into his estate. I ended up creating the console inspired version of this infamous (classic top hat) townie and built this property as part of @RoryBuilds. A #RoryBuilds floorplan for House 3 back in April!Malcolm Landgrabb comes from a pretty successful lineage of business owners that date back to the start of the sims franchise. His family was always talk of the town and they measured levels of success on the heels of theirs.He’s a genuinely good guy, but his reputation makes him a hard man to please. Very family oriented, the Landgrabb inheritance entailed a large number of simoleons no sim family has come close to yet. Being privileged always came with its perks. His home gym habits and lifestyle of leisure are shared with his family and he never seems to let anyone close enough to disrupt their financial flow.On downtime, you can find Malcolm playing pool in his private quarters or lounging in the family room for movie nights. Overall, the lavish life is one filled with fresh towels, fluffy robe slippers and simoleons galore.The Landgrabbs can throw some pretty great parties. They are well known for their masquerade balls, dinner hostings and pageant galas. Knowing life’s luxuries make it easy for him to cater to his guests and the attire for his social events are always formal.After the many versions, one trait held true every time. You can’t deny that despite the simoleon count, Malcolm Landgrabb was the most charismatic sim in the community. Yea, he’s a speedo kind of guy.Now moved into his new estate founded in Newcrest, Malcolm embarks on a journey to develop close relationships with people he deems worthy enough to know him and his family on a personal level. He remains humble and still filthy stinkin rich!Read more about Malcolm Landgrabb and his humble beginnings at
Special console version


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