#ThrowbackThursday Plant Sim Penny

Penny Planter is a sim I created for my first Sims4 challenge ever and to this day remains one of my most favorite! In mid-April, @thesims issued the Plant Sim Challenge.Penny was an ordinary nerd who loved plants and dreamed of becoming a full time botanist.One night, Jasmine Holiday arrived for a visit to her humble abode with unbelievable news..…that Penny could be more than she ever dreamed, a plant sim herself! Plant sims were introduced into her neighborhood each carrying a seed that reflected their emotions. If she could gather one of each, she could plant a doorway that could lead the way to her true desire.At first, Penny was skeptical but she followed Jasmine’s advice. Naturally, she was able to collect 5/6 of the emotion seeds from neighborhood plant sims in those moods. Clockwise from the top…Flirty, Sad, Playful, Confident, and Angry with the middle yellow to be collected last, Uncomfortable.Penny had done well to meet an uncomfortable fellow in the evening the next day. She contained her excitement when she eased his worries with the reward of a yellow seed. She thanked him and hastily ran back home to plant it into the magic plantsim stump. The earth shook and in an instant, a beautiful glowing tree appeared before her. She noticed an entrance known as the mystical magic bean portal and entered. After some time, she stumbled on a forbidden fruit and on her way out was so famished, she could not help but take a bite. She began to change form and before she knew what was happening, had taken the body of a plant sim. Penny was astounded by her transformation and was so happy.She remained focused on her goal to become a successful botanist and continued her work with the benefit of deriving food from the sun in her new body. She found herself being one with nature in a way she never thought possible!Penny had found herself at the top of her career and at maxed gardening skill in no time. Her new way of life was more than what she ever dreamed thanks to the Plant Sim Challenge.She currently resides in Newcrest and continues to live a happy life amongst her beautiful plant family. She will be one of the features in an upcoming Let’s Play as we continue to rebuild Newcrest.

Be sure to follow my twitter @J2Jplays and search #Simscene for accompanying clips to these #SimShorts❣ Happy simming 🤗 


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