#FlashbackFriday Family CAS: William McManus

I never really played the Sims 3 much but one npc in the game that I would love to bring back into my current Let’s Play is the burglar.William McManus is a sim I created as a #StuffIDontUse create-a-sim challenge. His secret dream is to reach the top of the criminal career with his family by his side.On a regular day, he is the new dad in town that values his own space. Gloves are a must have accessory to every outfit he can wear them with.Formal wear makes him center of attention but his stealthy skills make every steal a challenge he happily welcomes.William is persistent at the gym. He attends regularly to keep his body in shape as a message to those who think to cross him..…and at home he will be the first to throw his slippers on and put his feet up on the couch while he watches the latest criminal dramas.Parties are a chance to blend in with the neighborhood. He is able to keep up appearances and will showcase his “sleight of hand” as ironic amusement to his guests.Although William enjoy his peace and quiet, he is often encouraged by his wife Nathalia to take the family on vacation now and again. He sports a speedo on the private beaches they rent out.All in all, William is early in his career to becoming the ultimate villain. With the new prospects after their move to Newcrest looking great, he looks to take his family to the top of the simoleon throne in their new home neighborhood. Watch your pockets! 

Be sure to follow my twitter @J2Jplays and search #Simscene for accompanying clips to these #SimShorts❣ Happy simming 🤗 


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