TheSims4 Miss Galaxy Pageant

Meet my entering Miss for a new TheSims4 pageant competition, Crystal Gala! She will be representing planet Terra in the race to become Miss Galaxy. Although Terra is not her home planet, Crystal has learned to adapt to her new environment and thirsts for knowledge of the universe and how it works. Her wardrobe is mainly neutral with the exception of her formal wear. A complimentary purple would suit her fair blue skin and facial markings just as well, with a bit of flair.Crystal has learned to derive her fashion choices from all types of media and entertainment. She fell in love with this number for athletic wear, the combo brings out her eyes!A simple nightgown is fitting for late nights when she can’t sleep. She instead will grab a cup of coffee and tinker with her many gadgets as she lounges in her underground lab. Inspiration strikes at the most interesting moments.Although Crystal does not venture from home very often, she hopes for a day when people like her would be accepted for who they are. For now, laying low and blending in makes for more study time, but she really dreams of being asked on her dream date.Crystal is no stranger to the ocean! It is one of the only places she truly feels free aside from her cozy abode. On occasion, she will venture to the bluffs for a quick dip when no one is around and contemplate her latest ideas for life’s scenarios.Her latest quest is her shot at becoming the reigning Miss Galaxy. Her venture for acceptance in a community that shares her beauty has gotten her noticed and she is now signed with @Sims4miss management.  Her application for the world stage to follow soon.She hopes to bring understanding to her exotic heritage and meet other like minds to prove that together, we can debunk life’s mysteries in order to live in peace and make the universe a more beautiful place.

Follow the competition on Twitter @TS4MissGalaxy and Crystal’s manager @J2JPlays, the competition begins August 30th!


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