#TransformationTuesday Townie: Dina Caliente

The Caliente sisters are a fan favorite in the Sims 2 and I chose the console versions to recreate and move into my current Let’s Play. Dina is the younger of the twins who were known to be gold digging lovers.  Dina has always kept current with her fashion choices and went for this cute and classy number. Formal wear for everyone will include unique masks for masquerade balls that will be held in Newcrest.Keeping to the neutral theme, Dina has been loving the atheleisure trends for sporty fashions. It makes her feel active when she is out and about in town but does just enough to keep her figure.Living with just her sister allows her to be herself at home. She loves to sleep in and is always ready for the next steamy sleepover.For parties, Dina is known for coming out of her shell and really showing her true colors. She is never seen far from her sister unless you find her chatting up another potential sugar daddy about her adventures in law enforcement.Swim attire is a classic black 2 piece number she is seen wearing in the beginning of the original game. I decided to keep it and you can find Dina “digging for gold” on the sandy beaches of her romantic vacation getaways, although she does prefer a nice hot tub.Dina currently resides in a quaint 2 bedroom apartment build with her sister Nina in Newcrest. She plans to continue her work in the detective career but dreams of being whisked away by her knight in shining simoleon armor.This eligible bachelorette is on the hunt for the perfect man to take care of her. Will she find the love of her life? 

Read more about Dina’s previous adventures in The Sims..


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