#TransformationTuesday Townie: Nina Caliente

Nina is the elder of 1/2 of the Caliente sisters in the sims for console. She’s described as a mooch, a bit hotheaded and on a similar quest as her sister in life, to find the right guy to ride off into the sunset with.Masquerades are not really their scene, but for Nina there is an opportunity for love in the places you least expect!Athleisure neutrals are one thing Nina and her twin sister agree on. They can be found perusing sporting good shops looking for the latest fashion trends but she really enjoys quick coffee runs and loves leg day.Nina is just as excited as Dina about sleeping in and enjoying the home life. When Dina is at work, Nina loves sliding around their wood floors and bellowing out to her favorite tunes.Nina holds herself to high standards at any party venue. She aspires to enter a career in medicine and handles every situation responsibly. Her role involves sharing great jokes, watching out for her sister and being the designated driver.Nina still loves to rock her favorite blue two piece bikini for swimwear. A classic look with the latest designer shades is timeless.In their new apartment in Newcrest, Nina plans on starting a new life with goals of bringing a new rep to the Caliente name. Love will remain an open road as she begins again with her sister, Dina.Read about Nina and her Caliente roots in the Sims…


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