#FlashbackFriday Family CAS: Nathalia McManus

The maid npc in the sims was the main inspiration for this next member in the McManus family.Nathalia McManus is a sim I created as the wife in a #StuffIDontUse create-a-sim challenge. She is one half of the mastermind that is the head of the McManus family legacy.Her role is mainly a jealous, snob wife who is materialistic and only wishes to see her family succeed. She has been with her husband, William as the Bonnie to his Clyde as he pursues a career in crime. She is a master of disguise and knows how to keep discreet. Her minor jobs in household clean up are the perfect cover.In the public eye, she stands firmly at her husband’s side. Nathalia is supportive and will do what it takes to keep her family safe and close at all times. Their family fortune is a conversation starter at any formal event.Being a stay at home mom mostly, she loves to keep up with her health and beauty routines on her downtime. She takes interest in new recipes and cooking for her growing family, as well as keeping herself up to date with the latest fitness challenges.After the kids are in bed, there is nothing she relishes more than cuddle time with William. Bedside talk usually includes new plans for world domination, their next mischievous endeavor together and more recently, another heir to their fortune.Party time calls for pops of dramatic red in this ensemble. She is always decked out in her family jewels and can dance the night away in the tallest of heels.Swimwear bodes a stylish one piece yellow number that leaves the rest to the eye. Nathalia mostly spends time teaching her kids to swim, reading through her latest recipe finds under their umbrella on the sand and rummaging through sack lunches.With their estate moved into Newcrest, Nathalia and her husband are soul bound and about to stir the criminal community on the low down. Her priority as a mother will always supersede her desire to aid in misdeeds, which is much easier by day but when night falls, watch out for this momma!Her parenthood days would begin again as she discovers she is pregnant, this time with twins! Follow her story in the upcoming Newcrest Let’s Play series.

Be sure to follow my twitter @J2Jplays and search #Simscene for accompanying clips to these #SimShorts❣ Happy simming 🤗


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