Blog Channel Update: June

We are approaching the middle of 2018 and #TheSims4 blog has been running for more than 1 year now! I want to thank everyone who has followed the journey here so far and the question now is…what’s next?!With no PC updates for #TheSims4 from @thesims team, #TS4PetsPlay has been on a cliffhanger, especially since the passing of my grandmother for which I’ve been on hiatus for. After some reflection and much needed family time, I’ve decided to make a return to this LP when @thesims team reveals the release date for the Cats and Dogs expansion and really bring this story to life on #PS4 for streaming! All new adventures are coming in the life of this new Veterinary Technician along with some pets chatter from your favorite pet nurse, yours truly, so stay tuned!Now that I’ve had a taste of my first LetsPlay in #TheSims4, I wanted to reach back to my simmer roots and put some focus on my original love for building in the game. #J2JBuilds, which feature my gallery creations on twitter, has officially taken off starting with my entry into the Build & Buy Design Star community competition ran by @jeanniebeansts4 on twitter, including various rooms for PC gallery download. Since my elimination and personal matters, I have been on/off stream building a gallery of base game builds (and pack builds as they release) for PlayStation 4 to debut when The Gallery is released for #PS4. Follow my twitter for LIVE announcements since my stream schedule is not set yet..…and in the meantime, check it out as more builds are to come while I continue to add to #TheSims4 PC gallery (J2JPlays) with a quirky style and specialty for apartments, community lots and pet builds. I remain active within the twitter community @J2JPlays for build challenges, collabs and am always on the hunt for some great @thesims builds of all sizes and types. As far as twitch, you can catch me in fellow simmer stream chats and as we settle into the new home routine, a proper twitch stream schedule is TBD but test streams have begun and can be viewed at! For Monday blog posts, I have really been loving my @Sims4MissWorld Season 1 to 5 ladies and miss playing with them dearly. So I have decided to give them their own blog series called “Misses” Look out for their stories and follow their twitter @Sims4Miss as well as the competition ran by @Zita1966z on twitter as she prepares for season 8, entries to open soon!As June approaches, I look forward to celebrating and enjoying my 30th birthday vacation coming up. With a break from full time work at the Veterinary Center and time to catch up with (hopefully) new sim news, I can better organize my storylines and get a jump on some fun and informative twitch streams.I’m looking forward to meeting new simmers as we look to EA Play in June for upcoming @thesims announcements and Sims Camp news. Playing with those who share a passion for #TheSims4 on all platforms has inspired me to make a proper comeback in the week’s ahead! Follow my Twitter @J2JPlays for more updates, announcements and sneak peeks for new content as well as looks into up and coming sim builders and interesting sim builds!



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