Please allow my introduction…

From Jess, To Jess is my personal lifestyle blog that highlights different aspects of living through my creative interpretation and helps to connect the everyday audience through shared interests and experiences. I am a 29 year old woman who saves animal lives by day/night as a licensed surgical veterinary technician in NYC with big writing aspirations. I was born and raised in the south Bronx and have been influenced by storytellers and dream chasers all my life. Although growing up we had little, I was taught the important value of hard work and staying humble in order to attain our goals. At year 27 in my walk of life, my heart told me I was born to leave a legacy and it is within these pages that I hope to inspire, share and possibly help others through my experience and some laughs. I dream to give back to the world with positive influence, build lasting relationships and living a not-so-simple but happy life! As long as we continue to share our journeys, together we can open the doors to new ideas and opportunities in hopes to reach those who dream big. That would be the real achievement. Feel free to comment, like and follow me! Come share your journey.

Adventures of J2J—->Instagram: @Jess.2.Jess

Sims Content———>Twitter: @J2JPlays

Any professional writing inquires, please email TweetJ2JPlays@gmail.com

Background image credit: @Vanilasims


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