Monday Muse · TheSims4

Sims4 Miss World (Season 2)

An emotional #TS4MissUsa acquires the first Sims4 Miss World tiara. Her and the runner up princesses were all participants in Season 1 @Sims4MissWorld on twitter, #TheSims4 beauty pageant❣  The founder @Zita1966z envisioned the idea to capture the essence of beauty in The Sims 4 by hosting a worldwide, pageant style competition. In late April 2017,… Continue reading Sims4 Miss World (Season 2)

Monday Muse · Small Talk

Advice for “Back to School”

So the summer is over and it's back to our daily responsibilities. Whether you start in the fall or returning from break, it's easy to forget what a big portion of our growing years as developing people are surrounding education! Going through the motions every week over a span of years becomes so routine that… Continue reading Advice for “Back to School”

Monday Muse · Small Talk · Vet Tech Life

Living Loss: Beloved Pets

It was around this time of year that on two occasions I have had to understand and cope with the loss of a true friend. The human animal bond can be learned but not truly appreciated in books, tv or movies. They only touch the surface of what the relationship entails. It's a journey in… Continue reading Living Loss: Beloved Pets

Monday Muse · Small Talk

Defining Your Image

Trips to the bathroom in the morning for me often includes a good look in the mirror. I always notice I can learn a lot from myself by just thinking about how I'm feeling at that very moment. I know, sometimes bed head isn't the best look for us but take a closer look. Are… Continue reading Defining Your Image

Monday Muse

Advice I Live by Everyday

Here are the 5 pieces of Life advice I shared at our #AroundTheTable talk yesterday. For my first speaking engagement, it worked! Periscope Broadcast to follow later! Now ladies; we are all beautiful, sensual and sexy human beings but with the constant pressure from media (big booty era and hey if you got it, own… Continue reading Advice I Live by Everyday

Monday Muse

Starting a Family Memoir

Writing a memoir is a time for reflection! Most of this will occur in the accumulation of memories acquired up to this point in your life, by you in your point of view. However, we share this life with many other links brought together by the human bond. Another point of view allows us to… Continue reading Starting a Family Memoir

Monday Muse

A Mindful NY Minute

Sitting here enjoying the morning, watching people as they walk by the window while I await my 10 - 8 shift. My mind is surprisingly at ease despite all the thoughts that run through it on a constant basis. Something is telling me everything is going to be ok. I don't feel stress, sadness, frustration… Continue reading A Mindful NY Minute