Diamonds Forever: Challenge 3 + Eliminations

Challenge 3 was a perfect prompt made for any Miss who ever wanted to feel like a princess. Their task, to endorse a specialty brand in diamonds and model for their portfolios wearing at least 3 pieces. With many delegates unable to submit for challenge 2, a tense Anya hoped she could surpass her predescesor… Continue reading Diamonds Forever: Challenge 3 + Eliminations


Season 1 #S4MW: My Space #FlashbackFriday

Season 1 @Sims4MissWorld was the first pageant competition in the Sims 4 and experienced many firsts in its time. In the next challenge, each contestant was instructed to have a portfolio photo that showcased them in their own individual space. A place where they felt comfortable and in their element. Kenya realized that challenge 2… Continue reading Season 1 #S4MW: My Space #FlashbackFriday


Paris Trip: Challenge 2

Not a moments rest was had before the delegates were whisked away for challenge 2. Per example by @Sims4MissWorld, the prompt advised to capture each Miss as they naturally posed on the go in the city of love, Paris. The management team promptly acquired tickets and arranged flight details at the SimTerContinental Airport for a… Continue reading Paris Trip: Challenge 2


Season 1 #S4MW: Sunglasses #FlashbackFriday

Meet Kenya Guzman, the ambitious foodie who set her sights at becoming a fierce bodybuilder competitor. She was scouted at her gym in San Myshuno and managed at @J2JPlays for competition in The Sims 4 Miss World pageant @Sims4MissWorld.Her natural beauty and ambition got her far enough to pass the application process. She became an… Continue reading Season 1 #S4MW: Sunglasses #FlashbackFriday


B&W Beginnings: Challenge 1

All of the #MissSimWorld delegate applications were wonderful and submitted at a number of 65 countries represented! Soon after, the judges were revealed. It was amazing to recognize a few from the previous season along with some new faces. They addressed the misses and delivered their prompt for the first challenge, the race was on.… Continue reading B&W Beginnings: Challenge 1


Meet #TS4MissIndia

Meet Anya Singh, our latest recruit for the Sims 4 Miss World competition! At 29 years of age, Anya has moved from her home country of India to pursue her dream to win Miss World. She was raised by her grandmother after her parents passed away when she was very young. Grandma Singh always encouraged… Continue reading Meet #TS4MissIndia

Monday Muse · TheSims4

Sims4 Miss World (Season 2)

An emotional #TS4MissUsa acquires the first Sims4 Miss World tiara. Her and the runner up princesses were all participants in Season 1 @Sims4MissWorld on twitter, #TheSims4 beauty pageant❣  The founder @Zita1966z envisioned the idea to capture the essence of beauty in The Sims 4 by hosting a worldwide, pageant style competition. In late April 2017,… Continue reading Sims4 Miss World (Season 2)

My Periscope · Small Talk

My “AroundTheTable” Talk!

For #ThrowbackThursday, I was a part of my first "Around the table" talk about 2 years ago now. We thanked everyone for being there and looking great! A special thanks went to our hosts for organizing this event and allowing me the opportunity to reach out to our community. Part 1   Part 2 Its… Continue reading My “AroundTheTable” Talk!

Small Talk

Year 29

Its been almost 1 year since my last blog post and I find myself back here. Life took a turn and I've been playing catch up ever since. Another birthday has come and gone, a metamorphosis if soul, body and mind.. Growing up they tell you to realize your dreams, you have to chase them.… Continue reading Year 29

Small Talk

28 and not pregnant

It's when you hit a certain age or are exposed to an idea when some aspects of life come into front view for the first time. With time and contemplation, you realize some of those thoughts change depending on our experiences and growth as individuals over time. As women, we are surrounded by the many… Continue reading 28 and not pregnant