#MonthlySimlitShortStory Challenge: “Honeymoon” (March ‘21)

Greetings! This month's theme for our Monthly Simlit short story challenge focuses on the horror genre and it immediately brought me back to a sim couple I submitted for TheSims Sparkd challenge Stylist entry. I grew up watching all of the old school slashers, ghosts and thrillers! I'm hoping to channel in all of that… Continue reading #MonthlySimlitShortStory Challenge: “Honeymoon” (March ‘21)


A Fairy’s Tale

Divan the Simmer's SimLit Blog

I always knew I was different. Back in elementary school, other kids would call me “Elf”, “Pointy Ears”, “Freak” and all sorts of names. I was told that I had an ear condition that made my ears look pointy and I was forced to wear a uniform to school, which made me an easy target to bully.

The insults got worse each year. I later started wearing my hair loose to try and cover my ears, but they were too long and still stuck out. I begged Mother to send me to a surgeon to have them fixed. She refused and said that there’s nothing wrong with me – I just had to ignore the other kids.

Then I started having dreams. I dreamt of a beautiful place with lots of trees and even a waterfall. It was magical. A place I’ve never seen before, yet it felt strangely familiar.

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Mizzi and the Lost Girl

The imagery here is magical! This story gets my vote, so good 🙂

Nocturne Mystique

This is an entry in Lisabee’s Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge (forum). February’s theme is Fairy Tale. Thank you Lisabee for an awesome challenge as always!

Talia disappeared at the end of summer when they were 15. After a warm season filled with sunny fun, breathless whispers, and sweet kisses, they’d exchanged heart lockets. 

Talia began acting weird. She was exhausted all the time. Her temper became short and she cried often. She said she couldn’t talk about it.

Then Talia vanished.

Mizzi was heartbroken.

A year passed and a fresh summer began. Mizzi’s friends helped her heart heal, but she still thought of Talia and wore her heart necklace everyday.


Mizzi wrote in the sand: Talia, where are you?

“Looking for the lost girl?”

A woman wearing a headwrap seemed to appear next to her out of thin air. “A fairy took her.”

Mizzi didn’t believe in…

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MSSSC: Red Riding Hood Reversed

The pup is SO cute, their transformations were fun!

Simming Nhim

– Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge –

This is my entry for the February 2021 Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge. You can find the rules and this month’s theme here: Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge: February 2021 Theme

I’d like to you all to visit the link above.
Reason number one being I’d love if just one of you got inspired to try taking on the challenge. LisaBee does a lot of marvellous work to keep this challenge afloat and and she deserves all our support. Her work and each story submitted is part of keeping our beloved SimLit community alive and well.

Reason number two being that I’d be very happy if you took the time to read all the entries once they have been listed and then vote on your three favourites in each category.

– Red Riding Hood Reversed –

Once upon a time, far away in…

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